New Owner - New Name
C Carolina Martel

New Owner - New Name

Oct 24, 2022

We announce that German Mommy has a new owner, Carolina. After the previous owner, Katharina, was trying to find the right fit for their lovely toy shop, we are happy that Katharina has chosen me as replacement to continue this beautiful toy shop.

Katharina (German Mommy):
"After a long and extensive search, I am is so incredibly happy to share with you that she sold German Mommy to a wonderful person that I hope all of you will welcome with open arms. Not only into this group but also, and more importantly, as the new owner of my store into which I have truly put all I had to give to build and run it. So I pass the torch to Carolina, with the fullest and happiest heart and grateful for two amazing years, knowing she will take outstanding care of my baby. I thank each and every one of you for your support and for you loyalty and hope that you will show the same for Carolina.
I will miss you all. What a ride! 🥰"
Carolina (Kinder Playroom):
"Hi everyone! I would like to introduce myself and our new store Kinder Playroom (formerly known as German Mommy). I am a Colombian-American with a German husband living in Charlotte, North Carolina and a mom to a baby girl.
I found myself wanting to invest in wooden, unique toys that were as close to what my husband and I loved to play with as children so when I heard about Katharina retiring from the wooden toy business, I felt the desire to continue with her legacy and to incorporate my vision for the store.
If you are a previous member of the German Mommy community welcome, thank you for joining us and I hope you will continue to be a part of our community. If you are a new customer welcome to the Kinder Playroom Community we are glad that you have found us!!
Additionally, I am extremely excited to announce that we will be going live with the website soon, so stay tuned for that update!"
Welcome to our new journey!

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